About the author
Boro Rudic

Boro Rudic group exhibited at morethan 250 international exhibitions, where he received more than 60 awards.
He has had 29 individual exhibitions(Nuremberg, Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Sofia, Belgrade, Skopje…)
As part of theteam, he has received the prize Gold Media Lions at the most respected worldadvertising festival,
Cannes Lions 2009, and Silver statuette at Euro EffieAwards 2014. His photographs are part of many monographs.
He is the authorof four hardcopy monographs: 
·       Appearing – Disappearing, 2015,
·      EXIT,2018, 1st prize for publishing, Strasbourg, France, 2020
·       Longing for light, 2022
·      Flickering, 2023
In 2020, hereleased a Portfolio Box, with selection of photographs from the last series“Flickering”.
The portfolio is a limited edition of 12 copies with 16 artistproofs. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.



Longing for light