New exhibition – “Elema 2024”

On March 26, 2024 (at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday), a club photo exhibition,
“ELEMA 2024”, will be held in the Rudić Gallery.

“ELEMA 2024” is an exhibition that marks the creative and
creative continuity of FC Elema. As the first annual club exhibition,
it announces the future activities of the Club, which will certainly
be presented in the following period, with a clear emphasis on the
individuality of the authors, the free spirit, always with a new approach and
new trends towards the creation of photography,
for which ELEMA has always had the capacity.

Photographs of: Dejan Gileski, Dragoljub Nikolovski, Rade Lukovic,
Cvetan Gavrovski, Vladimir Arsovski, Vaclav Lukic, Katarina Ristovska,
Kiril Shtrkov and Boro Rudic will be exhibited.

Openings of Exhibitions